Susan's Vision for Albuquerque

In my dreams I see a city invincible.
– Walt Whitman

Poverty is the factor that is choking the life out of our city. We need to understand the way it complicates three important issues.”

Economic Development

Small businesses are the foundation of our local economy. I believe this is our greatest economic strength. I will make it easier for entrepreneurs to start and grow businesses. I will also work to unleash the potential of small-scale manufacturing.

I believe in the economic possibilities of this city. As we tackle our many challenges this city’s economy will thrive.


I will lead the drive, thus improving the educational outcomes for our people. I will close the educational gap between groups defined by socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, and gender.

I believe that every child in this city deserves the best education possible. I believe that every child can graduate from high school and further their education or training.”

Crime/Public Safety

Crime and public safety will be one of the most critical components of my job. Every criminal act is an outrage and needs to be stopped.

The driving forces behind crime include drug addiction, lack of opportunity, lack of education and training, and, let’s face it, apathy.

Ninety-two percent of all police calls deal with addiction, mental health issues, and homelessness.

My highest priority is to gather the most knowledgeable experts to create an effective action plan addressing those challenges. However, experts and police cannot do it on their own. As citizens, we all must participate in the well-being of our city.

I believe that all residents of this city deserve to be safe in their public and private spaces. I believe in an APD that fosters trust, respect, and a sense of shared responsibility with the residents of Albuquerque.”

I believe in this city. I believe that we the people of this fair city will work together, treating each other with respect and open minds and hearts. Together we will realize the dream that Walt Whitman suggested with his ‘city invincible.’

All of us who call Albuquerque home are joined like family. We will bring Albuquerque back to life.”

About Susan

I am Susan Wheeler-Deichsel, and I want to be your next mayor.

I was once told there are two types of people in the world: those who enter a room and announce ‘Here I am,’ and those who come in saying, ‘There you are.’

“Albuquerque, there you are. I want to hear from you.”

Susan Wheeler-Deichsel grew up in North Highlands, CA; a working-class suburb of Sacramento, CA adjacent to McClellan AFB where her single-mother worked as a typist who walked to work because she did not know how to drive nor could she have afforded a car.

She attended CA public schools when they were rated #1 in the US. At age 15 she accompanied her now disabled mother to Vancouver, BC where she lived for 2 years while her mother studied for a teaching certificate at UBC.

Susan left home at age 16, completed high school at night while also working at menial jobs to support herself. Sometimes during her post-secondary school years, she lived in her car. She eventually completed a BA in Psychology, then followed by pre-med with the intention of going to medical school. Those plans vanished when student aid programs folded under the tax cuts that happened as a result of CA’s infamous Jarvis/Gann amendment (prop.13) passing in 1976.

Susan has been married to Richard Deichsel since 1983. They are small business owner/ operators, and are exceedingly active Citizen Advocates for the betterment of our city. Richard now works full-time as a Lead Supervisor for elementary school crossing guards in the City of Albuquerque.

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